Close Trump Ferry Point Golf Links

Part 1: Mission Accomplished

A Protest and Advocacy Movement

It’s built on public parkland!!!

It’s a symbol of corruption and racism

Part 2: Make it parkland again.
Enough golf for the rich!

Breaking News!

What is our aim?

TO MOBILIZE and protest SAFELY against Trump's corruption. TO TEACH KIDS THAT PROTEST IS APPROPRIATE BUT SILENCE IS NOT! To shut down this MAGA clubhouse.

Another Trump Sweetheart Deal

The Trump Ferry Point golf course was built with taxpayer dollars on public land. In a shady deal, Trump pays virtually no rent for 20 years AND gets hundreds of millions of gallons of free water paid by taxpayers. ENUFF!


The golf course is located at 500 Hutchinson River Pkwy, Bronx, New York, under the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge in Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s district. AOC, business as usual at the golf course is NOT ACCEPTABLE. We will not drive past in silence! AOC WAKE UP!

What NYC Should Do With Trump Golf Ferry Point

This stunning site on Long Island Sound is marred by an enormous, likely illegal Trump sign. A round costs $185. Golfers, based on their reaction to our protest, are all rich Trump supporters. NYC needs to evict Trump and reclaim this public land.

Reason to Stop and his Collaborators

If ever there was a time for families, young and old to be out protesting Trump, it is now. A chain of HONKING cars makes a noisy but covid-safe protest. 

In addition to storming the Capital, murdering police and inciting an overturn of government, here are 10 other reasons to STOP TRUMP:

381,000 deaths  and over 22.9 million infections. That’s more dead than US combat deaths in World War I, Korean War, Vietnam War, Iraq and Afghanistan combined. It’s more than the 291,557 US combat deaths during WW2. Delays in testing for COVID, torpedoing quarantine with mass, maskless rallies, ridiculous notions of chloroquine and bleach… the list goes on and on. The outcome: sorrow and suffering.

Trump promotes systemic racism and inflames racial conflict. His support for Confederate monuments, white supremacists  and his racist comments are typified by his Proud Boys stand down, stand by rhetoric.

Trump’s nauseating comments about women, Access Hollywood tapes, demeaning nicknames for prominent females, accusations of rape and his paying of porn stars merge into one gross blur.

13.6 million unemployed. An economy in tatters. The biggest deficit ever. The Congressional Budget Office projected a deficit for Fiscal Year 2020 of at least $3.7 trillion (17.9% of projected GDP). It could be even larger if Congress approves more Trumpian spending increases or tax cuts.

Despite hurricanes, floods, droughts and wildfires, Trump has ruined the EPA, and reversed 100 Obama era environmental protection laws. He promoted mining our national parks and coal mining too. He removed carbon emission standards. His denial of global warming and scorn of science is both alarming and  plain dumb.

In 2019 Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives after the Mueller for soliciting foreign interference in the 2020 US presidential election. This was in the wake of a whistleblower complaint about abuse of power. After the Republican senate acquitted him, he fired witnesses who testified against him. With Attorney General William Barr’s assistance, he turned the Justice  Department into his own instrument of power. For example, Barr, the attorney general facilitated the Justice Department’s defense of Trump being accused of rape. Not to mention the stacking of the Federal court with Republican conservatives that will set social justice back decades

Flagrant disregard for human rights by politicizing ICE. Failed Mexican wall cost 11 billion or 20 million/mile. Who can forget Steve Bannon, arrested basking on a yacht, for lavishly spending  money fundraised for the wall? The abduction of children from their parents: unforgivable.  Police sent into American cities, heavily armed, incited by Trump… Trump supporting militias and the NRA… It is fatiguing just listing all Trump’s crimes and infamy. 

An extraordinary number of Trump’s inner circle were  arrested and indicted. To add insult to injury, Trump, contemptuously pardoned allies like Roger Stone and Rod Blagojevich for his own political purposes

Trump paid no taxes and used the presidency to promote his business interests. For example, his properties are used for Republican committees and lobbying. He actively promotes his properties in his role as president, indifferent to ethical and criminal conflict. Trump has made $17 million from his properties during his campaign and the RNC since 2016 according to CNBC. He is the only president in history not to release his personal tax returns. 

From Putin in Russia, to Kim Jong Un in North Korea, to Rodrigo Duerto in the Philippines, Trump has allied himself  with dictators while isolating allies and Nato. All the while his business interests lurk in the background.

Contact Us!

Drive-by Protest This Saturday
January 16th, 2021 @ 2pm

Time: 2-3 PM

Location: 500 Hutchinson River Pkwy, Bronx, NY

WHY? WE HAVE HAD ENUFF TRUMP! : Lets vote him out and close down this road-side Trump stall.


HONK! Wave your anti-Trump sign. Create a ruckus. Enough Trump groping, tax evasion, racism, covid. Vote him out.